Dr. Spencer performing dental procedure on young patient

Our general dental services help you:



Regular professional cleanings and evaluations help keep your mouth cavity-free.



Tackle dental issues while they are small to avoid the need for larger restorations later.



Keep your smile radiant with routine visits and our expert tips for great home care.

The Stephen J. Spencer, DDS Approach to General Dentistry

Comprehensive care for generations of healthy teeth

We have adopted a proactive approach to general dentistry here at Stephen J. Spencer DDS. Everything we do is aimed at helping you maintain a healthy smile today so you can prevent major dental problems in the future. We spend time getting to know you, listening to your concerns, and fully understanding your oral health goals. We’re not just a dental office—we’re a dental home for you and your family.

At Stephen J. Spencer DDS, we use the latest in advanced technology, including 3D-printing to create exact models of your mouth. These help us determine your oral health status and track changes over time. Using this technology allows us to identify any potential issues before they turn into complex problems.

A Warm Welcome Guaranteed

Navigating your first visit

You can expect a warm reception and inviting atmosphere here at Stephen J. Spencer DDS. Our friendly team will welcome you and guide you step-by-step through your dental treatment. We do our utmost to make sure everyone feels at ease.

Your first visit will include X-rays, a comprehensive evaluation of your current oral health, an oral cancer screening, and a professional dental cleaning. If gum disease is present or you need a deep cleaning, we will schedule another appointment at a later date for that. At our dental office, personalized care is our top priority. Dr. Spencer will carefully assess your unique needs and goals to customize a treatment plan just for you.


I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Spencer as my dentist since 2014 and will never go anywhere else. From the moment you walk in you are made to feel comfortable and important. Dr. Spencer is easily the best dentist I have ever experienced.

vikki t.

Preventive Dentistry

Proactive dental care for lasting results

Preventive care is essential if you want to avoid major dental problems in the future. Regular visits to the dentist, ideally every six months, are foundational to any oral health care plan. At these visits, your dentist can see what’s happening behind the scenes, which allows for early detection and intervention. We perform a wide range of preventive dental treatments here at Stephen J. Spencer DDS, including professional dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings.

Preventive dental visits are an investment in your oral health. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is an important element of living a healthy life: Your oral health is closely linked to your overall physical health, not to mention your confidence and self-esteem.


Restoring your smile with care and precision

Dental crowns are a popular option for dental restorations. A crown can help to restore and strengthen a damaged tooth and protect against further damage. We offer lab-created zirconium, e.max, gold, and PFM (porcelain fused to metal) dental crowns. Most of these options allow us to take digital impressions for less mess and better patient comfort. However, for gold or PFM crowns, we use traditional trays. Based on these impressions, we’ll customize your dental crown to fit your tooth perfectly and restore it to its original shape and size. Crowns are durable restorative solutions that protect the teeth without sacrificing the beauty of your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Expert care to bring your tooth back to health

If a tooth has severe decay or infection, root canal therapy may be necessary. Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic treatment. It is a process that effectively saves a severely infected or damaged tooth. Dr. Spencer carefully removes the infected pulp (inner tissues of the tooth) and thoroughly cleans the area. Once disinfected, he seals the tooth to prevent bacteria from getting in and causing another infection. This form of treatment helps alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by infection and inflammation. Failure to treat an infected or severely damaged tooth can have disastrous consequences. Root canal therapy is a completely safe treatment that helps prevent further complications. Our team will keep you comfortable and explain what’s happening every step of the way.


Because gum health matters, too

Periodontal therapy addresses gum disease. Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as maintaining healthy teeth. Periodontal therapy helps to reduce inflammation and restore gum health by halting the weakening of the supporting ligaments and gum tissue around the teeth. Failure to treat gum disease could lead to loose teeth and the need for extractions, as well as increased risk of heart disease and respiratory diseases. If your gums are causing you pain or problems, contact our team today for an evaluation.


Gentle care to keep you smiling

Some teeth just cannot be saved. Common reasons that necessitate an extraction include:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Overcrowding
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Deep fractures
  • Dental trauma
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Whatever your case, know that you are in safe hands with Dr. Spencer. You also have the option of sedation dentistry, so you will not feel any discomfort whatsoever. After your extraction, our expert team will give you aftercare instructions to help speed up healing. We will also discuss options with you to replace the missing teeth so you can continue to smile confidently in the long term.

Snoring Cessation & Sleep Apnea Treatment

Rediscovering peaceful sleep

Did you know that oral appliances can help with snoring and sleep apnea? If you or your partner suffer from these conditions, consider visiting Dr. Spencer for expert guidance on possible solutions. He will first refer you to a sleep specialist for an official diagnosis. They may recommend an oral appliance if you are CPAP intolerant. A good night’s sleep is key to your overall well-being. If you’re not sleeping well, reach out to see what you can do to improve your sleep and your health.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder Treatment

Relieving jaw discomfort

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder can cause painful symptoms like tension headaches and jaw pain. Thankfully, custom-made dental appliances can help eliminate these symptoms by relieving tension and clenching and improving jaw movement. After taking impressions, we craft your oral appliance for a precise, comfortable fit. TMJ treatment is noninvasive and can make a big difference to your oral health.

Sedation Dentistry

For a tranquil dental visit

Sedation dentistry is a safe solution designed to make dental treatment more comfortable for patients who experience dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. At Stephen J. Spencer DDS, we provide several forms of sedation dentistry:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation

Many patients visit Dr. Spencer because of his excellent chairside manner and innate ability to make patients feel at ease during treatments. He is able to treat the most nervous of patients while keeping them calm and comfortable, helping them to look after their oral health.


The kind and supportive nature of everyone there helped me overcome my fear of dental offices. They use the latest technological advances to create a minimally invasive experience. I’m more than happy with my trip to visit Dr. Stephen Spencer.

benjamin m.

Insurance & Financing



No insurance? No problem …

Payment plans are available through Cherry and CareCredit® so you have additional options to afford your care.